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Why you should learn SQL related work

When applying for programmers positions, even for new employees, mastering the SQL structured query language is always an important skill that employers want candidates to acquire. .

So, what is the SQL language and why is it so important that even new graduates need to know?

According to Wikipedia, the Structured Query Language (SQL) is a popular computer language for creating, editing, querying, and deleting data.

Put simply, SQL is the language used to manage data. It is used in nearly all applications that need to store user data.

Some simple applications can store data on a simple file, and when the data is needed, programmers can read from the contents of that file. For example, a file containing a list of user email addresses could be saved with the following content:

However, this method is only suitable for extremely simple applications and is less effective for applications that require more than one data field storage as the above case (for example, in addition to saving email addresses, You need to save the user's full name, age, gender). SQL facilitates the storage of complex information by bringing this information together in a consistent, clear and easily understood structure. However, SQL does not stop at supporting complex information, there are many other features that make SQL a language worth learning for anyone who works in the programming industry.

Data Available Everywhere

Data exists in almost every application you find on the internet. Even desktop, laptop and mobile applications need to save data. When you register an account on the application, you are providing information to the application. When playing a mobile game, whether you realize it or not you're interacting with the game's saved information. For example, Flappy Bird game, in this game the application needs to track the status of the bird you are playing and give challenges based on this status.

Add, Edit, Read And Delete Data Easily

With SQL, it's easier than ever to add, edit, read or delete data. For example, if you want to retrieve user information with an email containing gmail in which you can run a single command with MySQL:

mysql> select * from users where email like '% gmail%'

Imagine how difficult it would be if you had to use a common programming language to read the entire file and find the text that contained 'gmail' in it.

However, SQL is not limited to Adding, Editing, Querying and Deleting Data.

SQL Helps Easy Programming Works

Imagine that there are many types of information in your application and you decide to use multiple files to store each type of data. However, this makes reading data more dispersed and the maintenance process is not easy at all.

In addition, if you have many different applications that need to save information, the data management becomes even more difficult.

With SQL, you can save a lot of data for many different applications on the same database and access to these databases is simpler thanks to the same way for many databases. Whether.

SQL Used And Supported By Many Large Companies

Although SQL is a fairly simple language, mastering it is a skill that is extremely necessary.

All major technology companies in the world today such as Microsoft, IBM, Oracle ... support the development of this language and SQL is used by many large companies.

With History Over 40 Years

SQL was born in the early 1970s and exists today as one of the most popular data processing languages ​​in the world. This also means that SQL is replaced by another language, which is not easy to happen overnight. Thanks to this, the language is highly appreciated by employers is also completely understandable.

In this article, I gave 5 typical reasons why SQL is a language worth learning. In fact, there are many more reasons to list. However, in this article I pick out 5 reasons for your reference. You can also refer to the course on MySQL on tuicoding at the following link: MySQL in 30 minutes

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