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Good Question!

Actually I have 5 years experience of Web Developer job.
During early of my career I learned jQuery and I was doing many tasks with that.

After that I learned Angular1 and I was using in work.
When Angular moved v2.x later Angular Framework was totally re architected and I saw Vue information on some article At the same time.
According to that, Vue syntax is very similar to Angular1(my opinion) therefore I grab it and tried soon.

After a few mouth I moved company and there's developer used React.
I joined large website dev team and I tried difficult, complex tasks more than before(of course with React)
As a result currently I have a strongest experience about React and past experience jQuery, Vue.

In fact, I've been spending thousand hours and I know I can't hold production quality skills(I mean real world product, not a todo app) between multiple frameworks concurrently because Time is limited.

The article message is libraries different from the one you spent most of the time will frequently be trending.
At the time, you don't have to feel "my most familiar stuff is outdated? uncool?".
It just invented brand new approach based on the colorful mind model, not a Zero-sum game.

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