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Discussion on: Why do I want to read Perl topics, on the other hand Web Dev community next read only mentions JavaScript libraries?

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This is to some extend a byproduct of where the current focus of the international tech industry lies. A lot of companies and developers model themselves after US based tech companies and their employees. Whatever is neat to them is neat to their followers which makes the idea spread fast.

This trend is also very visible on DEV. I hope that in a way, niches can eventually grow on this platform and spread some different perspectives and ideas. On the other hand, it might also be time for a more general forem community where software is discussed in a broader sense.

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Yuki Kimoto Author

niches can eventually grow on this platform

Thank you!

I'm tired that only the monolithic Silicon Valley and Seattle tastes ​​are spread around the world.

They are likely to see Perl is abandoned stone, but I'll do my best.