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Discussion on: Want to write backend in typescript.

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The author of nodejs is actually working an improved runtime that will allow you to use typescript on the back-end!

It's not done yet so you should use what rhymes has suggested but it might be interesting to check out:

denoland / deno

A new way to JavaScript


Linux & Mac Windows

A new way to JavaScript.

  • Supports TypeScript out of the box. Uses a recent version of V8. That is, it's very modern JavaScript.

  • No package.json. No npm. Not explicitly compatible with Node.

  • Imports reference source code URLs only.

    import { test } from ""
    import { log } from "./util.ts";

    Remote code is fetched and cached on first execution, and never updated until the code is run with the --reload flag. (So, this will still work on an airplane. See ~/.deno/src for details on the cache.)

  • File system and network access can be controlled in order to run sandboxed code. Defaults to read-only file system access and no network access. Access between V8 (unprivileged) and Rust (privileged) is only done via serialized messages defined in this flatbuffer. This makes it easy to audit. To enable write access…

He also gave a talk on why he decided to build deno:

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Interesting, he basically wrote a more secure version of Node with Rust and TypeScript :D

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Yes! I really hope it will take of as a strong alternative to nodejs