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Discussion on: How do you approach knowledge gaps?

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Thanks 😄

Ownership, Borrowing & lifetimes are really powerful but definitely take time to get used to (espacially if you come from languages that don't have manual memory management). Don't know a lot about C so catch me if I'm wrong but I also feel like what makes Rust special is that it forces you to think about how memory should be managed in a specific way rather than leaving it all up to you.

I also really can't imagine writing asynchronous logic in JS without async/await or promises. I started programming in js right after ES6 released. By the time I wanted to do asynchronous stuff promises were really populair. ES6 is truly a blessing when you compare it to ES5 but I've also noticed that it can be a lot easier to think about how js works under the hood if you ignore some ES6 features while trying to get a deeper understanding of javascript.

Never used a floppy disk but hopefully people look weird at me in a few years for using USB-sticks as a kid :')