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Learnings from Albert Einstein life

Einstein a Jewish from Germany was working on Hitler's will at a German university. While at university, he despised the chemical laboratories that were developing weapons of war. He had no idea Hitler would use it to commit mass murders of Jews.

Eddington, an English scientist was the first to explain his theory of gravity over Newton's gravity laws . English people were not happy as Britain was war with Germany.

(1) It's not the country but leaders who are right or wrong.
(2) Science has no boundaries. Even learn from your enemies.
(3) Laws can be overturned.

Einstein never wears shocks .
Learning: clothes are for your convenience. It is not required that you wear the same clothes as the people around you.

Einstein sleeps for ten hours everyday.
Learning :Sleep as much as you want . You come up with brilliant ideas. In his dream, Einstein examined the theory of relativity.

Einstein smoked a lot of pipe tobacco
Learning: Live life to the fullest

Einstein spends 2-3 hours playing violin.
Learning: Music gives you the ability to think.

Einstein eats insects from trees/ plants/ pots.
Learning: Consume nutritious foods

Einstein never wanted his brain to be kept in a laboratory after his death. However, the post-mortem doctor took his brain and kept it in his basement for 45+ years for research. He chopped it into pieces before his death. His brain pieces are now on display in a museum.

Learning: You don't know what people will do with your body after your death.

Einstein said something in German as last words. Nurses in the United States were unable to understand his final words. As a result, no one knows what Einstein's final words were.

Learning: Either die in your country or if in other country use there's language.

manish srivastava

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Lovely post.

(1) It's not the country but leaders who are right or wrong

Is probably the most tragic human idea. (see 20th century history)
Country is responsible for its leaders. They don't fall from the tree;)


The old Jewish joke about last words:

"Father tell us, tell us! What is the meaning of life?"
Father: "Everything is different..." and died.