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I got Linux Foundation Scholarship,2021 :)

Hello friends,

I am delighted to inform all of my friends here that I was nominated and finally got selected for this year Linux Foundation Scholarship (under Cloud Category). They announced winners on 30 june 2021.

I am happy because it is an accomplishment for me with no formal experience and professional degree in computer science.


I earned my Bachelor's Degree in Chemical Engineering 15 years ago and MBA from a prestigious university counted as IIT.

For Many years, I worked as a government banker, ministry nodal officer, etc to ensure rollouts of biometric and technology-based financial inclusion in four Indian states. It was a difficult job in 2010-2015, because we were living in the era of GPRS and 2G connectivity. Later,with launch of 3G things got streamed line.

I quit my job to pursue my passion. But by this point, I had a 15-year gap . I started brushing up my C language skills, but the world has gotten much faster with new languages and js libraries.

Its was a difficult period of my career transition from one area where 'you have experience of 13 years' to another where 'you only have passion' and never ending path to learn for developing new skill sets to acceptable levels.

Well, at the age of 37+, I'm learning technologies to use in my business.

After work, I spend most of my time reading posts on It's a fantastic community where we can read and be encouraged to write new articles on variety of topics.
You can find People here 'exploring and experimenting with technologies' in order to publish an article on

I always think you should have more faith in your weapon than you do in yourself. You can read few of my experiments in my profile.

(1) I like my docker image with complete desktop. This was
possible because of a custom ubuntu image. This image is pulled 50K+ times at docker hub.

(2) Running an IAAS (opennebula) inside container(LXC).

(3)Cloud Brothers Story- Creating your own cloud like digital ocean.

(4) Xp.css ( xtra power css) : A project to ensure always remain responsive irrespective of device size.

(5) Xp.Backened ( Code Generator) : I created a code generator that takes care of security and generates codes for sql and nosql databases . Codes are generated for PHP, Python and C++. I use it as my tool .

(6) I am also among people who are having OpenAI GPT-3 API access.

Thankyou ...

Big Thankyou to my followers....

Thankyou Friends here.....

My staff members to whom I am confused guy.....

Click here for joining my team .

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mccurcio profile image
Matt Curcio

Very cool, Congrats.

But one question. Why is your Twitter act. suspended?