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Discussion on: How to Level Up Your Dev Game

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Marcelo Alves 🐙

This is great! Lately I've been feeling a bit stuck in my career and with being the only developer on a project I have no idea what I need to learn or where I need to improve. The biggest takeaway for me from your list is to really put yourself out there and look for people you can really learn from which both things scare the hell out of me! 🙂

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Kim Arnett  Author

Take it in small doses, it gets easier 😊 I didn't talk to anyone at my first conference, but by conference three I've made quite a few friends already.
I really like twitter for learning what other people are doing though- you reach a broader audience. Do some searches for senior dev's, dev's you respect, etc, look at the people they follow, follow them too. 😊