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Apps on your iPhone that work with crypto

Apps on your iPhone that work with crypto

The amount of people who have cryptocurrency is increasing rapidly. Among them there are different types of users, some of them prefer just to hold crypto, others are looking for ways to make their savings work and multiply the amount, some prefer to spend their assets as a payment. The best way to start using crypto is via applications. Here are some apps that you can easily use on your iPhone.
It is a platform that provides crypto management opportunities. With this app users are able to earn interest on their holdings, it can go up to 8.6% per year. BlockFi offers different kinds of bank-like services. Its main idea is to stimulate users to hold crypto longer and earn additional money from it. One of the significant benefits of BlockFi is the absence of limits for users. There is no minimum amount that must be held on the account or difficulties with transferring funds.

It is a free app that allows users to track their investments. Delta provides information about live prices of lots of various assets, including cryptocurrencies, futures, indices and others. The application helps to find the best price offers. Delta is a dynamically developing app, so new assets appear there with time. The other role of this platform is to connect companies and investors directly to simplify their relationship and to offer the best way of cooperation.

Undoubtedly, one of the most necessary apps when using cryptocurrencies is exchange service. For these purposes you are welcome to visit the SimpleSwap platform. It can be used as
XMR to BTC exchange or to create other pairs needed, it has over 300 cryptocurrencies to choose from. The service does not require registration and is rather simple to use.

Obviously, these are not the only applications that help users to deal with cryptocurrencies. There are many more and all of them provide different functionalities. Anyone can find something useful for their purpose.

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