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This is an awesome and very inspiring (you are all so creative!) thread! I would also love some feedback, here's my portfolio. And, for context—I'm a student looking for internships. Thanks in advance!


Hey Marissa! This is super cool, I love the simplicity -- and the link! I would make the font sizes in the nav bar a little larger so that people really see them. I would also add some caption below your name to differentiate yourself i.e. "Computer Science Student and Astrophysics Reader" or something along those lines. The quote will overlap the projects headers on some smaller screens. That quote looks a little off balance to me -- maybe make the rectangle a little smaller? I would also use a lighter brown so that it's easier to read the text! I would make your bio text larger too! It's also a little hard to read the captions on your project tiles, I would make the font larger and maybe darken the brown. I would add the social links to your header, and make that available throughout the whole scroll for easy navigation. I may also do a fade in instead of the circular animation for the brown on the social links. I really like how simple and elegant the site is!


I love the idea of adding social links to the header, will definitely implement that change along with the other ones you mentioned. Thank you so much for taking the time to not only look at my portfolio but also give meaningful feedback and ideas, I really appreciate it Ali!


It's simple and it gives all the information it needs.

I don't like the splash page - making text jump around is bad from an accessibility point of view and I feel the page serves no real purpose. And why do I click a down arrow to get the site to slide in from the side? I spent a minute using the keyboard and scroll wheel to no avail before clicking the link.

The three big circles are also an example of mystery meat navigation which reduces the overall UX of the site.

I think it would be improved if you removed the splash page, made those links clearer and possibly if you increased the line-height on your left-hand-side text (the bit starting with "Front-end developer...")

You use a lot of font variations and play with text and that's not to my taste; I wouldn't do that on a website for a client but I don't want to say change it on a personal site - it's just your expression. I like the way the text on the right hand side deliberately overflows its background.


Awesome advice. Thank you so much for taking the time to check it out!

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