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Discussion on: CSS Grid Layout vs CSS Frameworks: When To Use What

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Mark Johnson 👔

Honestly, get where you're coming from, but this kind of angry and dogmatic language feels counter to what Dev is all about. Maybe calm it down a little.

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deathshadow60 • Edited on

but this kind of angry and dogmatic language feels counter to what Dev is all about.

Really, this place didn't strike me as just another of the many dens of suck-ups and sycophants that are so common these days, where any genuine dissent is stamped out because "wah wah, teh harsh ranguage" as a lame excuse for maintaining an echo-chamber.

Because more often than not, the sociopathic "why so angry" rubbish is exactly that. Trying to maintain a status quo of letting two bit dirtbag scams continue to exploit if not outright rape nubes and rubes alike.

But how DARE anyone call the scam artists out, or refer to media darlings like bootcrap for the halfwitted idiotic TRASH they really are. No, can't have that. "don't be so angry", "don't attack it that way" -- LAME EXCUSES to either eventually silence dissent, or let the fly-by-night dirtbags continue to exploit others; reveling in ignorance like cut-rate anti-vaxxers, organic food fans, or the derps shoving jade eggs up the holiest of holies.

EVERY blasted front-end framework I've ever seen is mentally enfeebled nonsense created by people not qualified to write a blasted line of code. Those who claim to be "experts" or "professionals" promoting the use of these systems is nothing more than a snake oil peddler. The end result is bloated, hard to maintain codebases that took more time to write, more effort to write, will take more time and effort to maintain... but then they have the giant pair of donkey brass to claim it's somehow "easier"?!? Or "better for collaboration?!?"

So damned right skippy, I'm angry. And it's time everyone else got angry at it too as allowing these monuments to the 3i of development continue to be popular. Telling people not to get upset about it or to voice that anger is nothing more than lulling the masses into a false sense of security so they can more easily be raped by the predators.

But no, how dare anyone come right out and say that. It might burst some bubbles, make some waves, and disrupt the moneymaking scams. Can't have that, no...