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Discussion on: Portfolio Advice Thread

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Marlysson Silva

May you give me feedback about my very very simple portfolio :D. What I can get better ...

My portfolio

I yet will add something in it... but I'm terrible in think about something different haha

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Ali Spittel Author

Cool, the landing looks really good and professional!

  • I'm getting like one pixel of the about section, and I would prefer if it was off the page.

  • I also may lighten the teal a smidge for more contrast. Love the highlighted words in your bio.

  • I would line up the skills so that backend developer is in line with frontend and interests. Just distracting. Also, the line looks a little like an I, I don't think you need that line!

  • THe projects section isn't working for me!

  • I would add links to GH/LinkedIn/etc. at the bottom too so that you keep people looking at your stuff!