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There's an article about Kotlin in here;

There's a portion in it where Streams are discussed; short answer is
  • Kotlin has Streams
  • All collection classes in Kotlin already supports the one-time_iterator behavior of instance
  • Kotlin doesn't need the initial conversion (collection to stream) and the final conversion (stream back to a collection)
  • BUT remember that Java streams are lazily evaluated while Kotlin streams are eagerly evaluated unless you convert to a Sequence

If I've understood you right (you mean the ability to work with streams from Java 8 and Kotlin), kotlin-stdlib provides several extension-functions for transferring Java-Stream into Kotlin-Sequence or Kotlin-List

If you want to know what alternative Kotlin provides Java-Streams with, collections in Kotlin "out of the box" offer operations, available in Java only when transferring collections into Stream.

To compare:

  • Java someList .stream() .map() // some operations .collect(Collectors.toList());
  • Kotlin someList .map()
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