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Unfortunately I never tried to separate snippets. Actually, I switched all my snippets to Alfred as I use it for pretty much all workflow enhancements anyways. You can set up various snippet folders and hence separate pretty easily.


Hi, yeah :) I just purchased alfred yesterday in order to use the workflows. While I like it, i saw the main advantage of dash over alfred in the way that when i did search then on the right side of dash there is a very large window with the result, in alfred it's just a tiny window with a single line and sometimes I search for something like: scala json serialization which gives me more like a gist meaning more than a few rows (a whole screen filled with json serialization stuff), and I like to see them all (almost one page) and then choose from within it what i need. Currently as i see things my workflow would be:

  1. Use dash for larger snippets for work.
  2. Use github gists for shared public snippets.
  3. Use alfred for one liner snippets.

My biggest issue with the above is that I don't have a single note taking app :( . While I know alfred can be connected to dash (just connected) it's copying the gist, and also when i search in alfred it's showing results as one liners and I need to see the whole right side window in order to decide if this is the search I wanted or continue refining the search.

What do you think?

That sounds like a good setup. I agree with the shortcomings of Alfred when you have longer snippets. I use Sublime for these as it is my primary tool for work and I can share .sublime-snippet files easily in any way needed. For note taking I use Bear app as I love how simple it is and how nice code snippets look in it. I often use it to write down best practice in Q and A style. And no, I don't fear duplication. For me there are just two important things for (code) note taking: Document it when I am on it. And: Make sure I find it again.

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