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Discussion on: Getting Started with Nvidia Jetson Nano, TensorFlow and Smalltalk

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Mariano Martinez Peck Author

Hi Dustin,
Thanks for the reply. Very much appreciated. And sorry if it seem harsh from my side, but I was trying to be honest.
Now, the image I have burn is Isn't that the same you are talking about? In other words, I think I am using the latest one.
As for the README-vnc.txt yes, I saw it also when connected to it and it did help. However, there are 2 things that I haven't seen any solution:

  • Change the resolution when connecting to vino (default 640x480 sucks), hence my workaround described in the post.
  • The compiz crash when via VNC you go to Settings -> Display. Are these fixed anywhere? I would be happy to open an issue if you tell me where. Thanks in advance,
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Dustin Franklin

Thanks for pointing out those two issues Mariano. We are looking into the Settings -> Display tool and will update the next version of the README-vnc.txt document with instructions to change the resolution. Appreciate the feedback!

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Mariano Martinez Peck Author

Excellent! Thanks a lot Dustin for taking into account my feedback. Very much appreciated! IMHO the Nano is a great just needs to polish the OS a bit.

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