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So... you are effectively outsourcing your site search to an external service? Please tell me I'm wrong, please... I can't even begin to describe how wrong this feels to me.

1) You actually pay for on-site-search, something integral to your page
2) If the other service is down, your site may be up, but your search doesn't work. Your customers are going to love that.
3) If there is ever technical trouble with the service you are using, you can't fix it. You completely depend on it.
4) You are subject to somebody else's data structures, just for searching
5) Searching is honestly not that hard to do, even in a homebrew solution, or just use a server with a proper DB, or even elasticsearch or Lucene/SOLR if you want.

Sorry folks, I would consider it if it were a library, but depending on an external service for something trivial as a search bar (no matter how good it is) is an absolute no-go in my book.


There's nothing trivial about the infrastructure behind the product. We have a globally distributed Algolia implementation for low-latency across the world.

Like our various CDNs and other cloud services, yes, we depend on them. A lot of software is built with cloud services these days.

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