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Discussion on: What made you switch your main programming language?

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Marco Alka

Search for FOSS which uses Object-Pascal and is of any importance to next-gen technology. Then search for developers who would love to contribute to your Object-Pascal application as a hobby.

To make it short, imho, there is no big community and they struggle to interface with libraries written in C in order to not fall behind everyone else. While they do, they have difficulties to develop the next big thing in their own language.

Embarcadero monetizing the hell out of Delphi didn't help either. So, imho, while Object Pascal is a nice language and I still see some Russian black-hats write applications in it, I don't think it has any future.

I decided to go all full-stack dev, then, so the first big change was to JS/PHP (and C++ on the game site).

Lately, however, I am about to change the language for my hobbies, again. This time for performance, but mainly stability reasons. The language I want to change to this time is Rust. While the borrow-checker hates me and lifetimes bully me, I still love all those concepts which lead to very solid applications while being zero-overhead at the same time :)

The Rust ecosystem already has awesome crates for webserver development, and adding V8 for little Javascript parts (no way around little scripts, ever^^) gives me the ultimate freedom. Since Rust is directly comparable to C++, it also helps me create games, so instead of honing my skills in different languages, just using Rust is a lot easier!

Well, if you are interested in the professional languages I use... I change them based on what I need and what my boss tells me to use (though I never fail to at least voice my opinion)