re: What makes an IT job offering or company appealing to you? (she/her/hers only) VIEW POST


they don't try too hard to look cool. they don't offer you a xbox to keep you trapped inside the company. they know you have family and friends and other interests outside office. they care about you doing a good job and that's it. they don't offer some crazy offsite crap full of booze for exemple. only if the majority of the company is formed by young people. then it's cool. you have a comfortable working space, it's okay if it's open office (which is terrible) but at least you have large and well illuminated space (preferably with natural light). good chair. decent mac or equivalent. they want you to leave at 5. friday at 3. the issues have the info you need to do your job. no meeting longer than 15 minutes. no meetings. quiet place. cool mates. assholes are allowed too but at least you are not required to talk to them all the time. food is important. gym too. and bikes.

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