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Discussion on: Why is Creating a Learning Environment Essential for Technical Teams?

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Mary Thengvall Author

Thanks for taking the time to reply, Adrian! I completely agree that this doesn't apply to every company, but there are definitely a lot that are moving in this direction, both in the enterprise space as well as startups. I'm of course noticing it more in the San Francisco Bay Area, so that's a good portion of my sample set, but hopefully others in various locations will begin following the same trend.

Sometimes things that are actually essential for success don't exist... but if you look to the companies that are truly successful, not just riding a wave of popular tech tooling, they have indeed created a culture of learning. It might look different from place to place, but it exists!

re: stability, I mean availability of the product for customers -- uptime, etc. -- as well as continuing to solve problems for customers. I completely agree that there needs to be a balance between delivering features & fixing legacy code or problem areas. Some companies won't understand, but that's the value of metrics that show how much of a difference those fixes can make :)