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Mastering JS' 5 Best Vue Tutorials

We love Vue at Mastering JS. We even built our JavaScript job board in Vue, and wrote about the best Vue books.

Here's our 5 most popular Vue.js tutorials.

5) An Introduction To Vue $refs

Vue refs are a way to get access to a raw DOM element in your component. They're especially useful if you need to use a library that requires DOM elements, like Stripe elements.

4) Vue Error Handling

Vue's errorCaptured hook is an extremely powerful tool that lets you handle errors that happen in child components. You can handle any error that occurs from your root component, even errors in async methods!

3) What's New in Vue 3

Vue 3 is the same old Vue that we know and love, with a few new delightful surprises. Here's an overview of what's new in Vue 3.

2) How to Drag and Drop File Upload with Vue

Vue makes it easy to handle drag events using the @drag, which makes drag and drop file uploads easy. Here's how.

1) The $emit Function in Vue

The $emit() function is how a child component can communicate directly with it's parent. This tutorial describes how $emit() works.

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