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Discussion on: Are you using Docker for local development?

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Mateusz Bełczowski Author

Could you share example "extras" that your internal tool offer? :)

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Ben Sinclair

We wrap things in a set of proxies that allow us to use mailhog and local development domain names (nginx-proxy, currently, but traefik also works)

I made a post a while back about extending things:

That means we have one command and it takes custom subcommands, some global and some project-specific, to do things like
  • open a browser with you logged into the website as an admin
  • switch branches and rebuild the pattern library
  • migrate data from one environment to another

That sort of thing. Just the housekeeping stuff everyone has to do, but with consistent commands between different projects which might be running different languages or frameworks.

We might open source our system at some point. That was always the intent, but nowadays there are other products which do the same sort of thing so we wouldn't be adding anything to the dev community. We're just a little tied up in using our own system