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Discussion on: 5 Ways Software Developers Can Improve Their Writing Beyond Blogging

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Mateusz Sowa

Thanks for great tips, Stephanie! :) Do you know any resources on how to write better articles or dev blogs? When is it a good time to start blogging on your own?

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Stephanie Morillo Author

Hi Mateusz, I do, actually — my eBook The Developer's Guide to Content Creation. 😊 It contains eight chapters on everything from:

  • Identifying your target audience and your blogging goals
  • 4 ways to generate content ideas
  • How and when to use a content calendar (with templates)
  • What the writing and editing processes look like (along with how to structure your posts, what to include, etc)
  • How to use web analytics
  • How to promote your content

Over 1,200 developers have read it and I'm happy to share that most have started their blogs as a result of reading it.

There are also plenty of other articles and tips on my personal blog which you're welcome to read at any time. There are articles on things like technical writing there as well.

Best of luck!