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My Final Project

My biggest project as a students that I completely made the website for the computer sciences section of my school. I used Working Copy from the GitHub Student Pack to work on my iPad and, after two months of work, he's ready to publish! I really enjoyed making it to let the others discover what they can do if they choose this option.
I am proud of this website and I'm ready to make others to get my school a better online identity.

Demo Link


Link to Code

GitHub logo mathieufrncs / schoolWebsite

Website for the computer sciences section in my school

How I built it

I build it during my study free time.
From the beginning, it was important to have the lates features like a responsive design or the new iOS dark mode. The most difficult part was to make the website fast but pretty looking.

Another project is coming...

I started a year ago an app called Citiescover, but took a break to finish school. I really want to finish this app and I'll do it!
This app is designed to let people write stories about their cities or cities that they've visited and let other people discover the most beautiful places in the world.

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