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Vim & Laravel

Hello guys, I have recently been developing a few projects in Laravel, and, being myself a die hard Vim user, I prefer the MacVim approach, when I first started out with laravel, I decided to set some Vim mappings in order to integrate my laravel workflow into Vim, so far, i have this specific mappings:

"-----------------Laravel Specific Mappings---------------"
"Shortcut for routes/web.php file
nmap lr :tabedit routes/web.php

"Larvel Comands

"Migrate tables

nmap lmi :!php artisan migrate


"Autocomplete for making a controller

nmap lmc :!php artisan make:controller

"Autocomplete for making a model

nmap lmm :!php artisan make:model

"Create a migrations table

nmap lmmt :!php artisan make:migration


"Search Controllers directly in app/Http/Controllers

nmap lfc :CtrlPapp/Http/Controllers/

"Search the Migrations files

nmap lfdm :CtrlPdatabase/migrations/

"Search for data models under app/

nmap lfm :CtrlPapp/

"Search for view in resources/views/

nmap lfv :CtrlPresources/views/

"Search for database speeders

nmap lfs :CtrlPdatabase/seeds/

I do this because I have not seen a lot of laravel FUNCTIONAL plugins yet, and I would love to see that some one actually finds this poor mappings useful, cheers Vim users !!

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