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d, a Deno-invoking version manager for Deno

This is a simple shell script that invokes a specified Deno version, including downloading & extracting it if it doesn't exist. It's similar in spirit to the various dvm forks, but is written in sh (not even bash, so should work everywhere, except Windows, for which MRs are welcome).

Examples below assume d is in your path.

Pass all arguments along the latest version of deno:

$ d --version # delegates to latest deno
deno 1.1.0
v8 8.4.300
typescript 3.9.2

Pass all arguments along to a specific version of deno:

$ d --use 1.0.0 -- --version # use a specific version of deno
deno 1.0.0
v8 8.4.300
typescript 3.9.2

Invoke a script using the latest version of deno:

$ d run
Warning Implicitly using master branch
Welcome to Deno 🦕

Currently in prerelease form.

Available at
File issues at
Mirrored to


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