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Retire as early as possible so I can just do OSS work and not have to be beholden to an office job.


Haha nice! But you're not going to retire in 2020 don't you? You look way too young 😅


No, Im about 8 years away based on my current numbers.

And I want to retire as young as possible, so I have more time to do the things I really love.

It sounds to me like you don't like your work so much. What's stopping you from finding a job where you do the things you really love?

I never said I don't like my work, just that as you get older things change. I have gone from wanting to a developer to being a photographer and being outside in nature. There is so much to see and do out there. I still enjoy coding, I enjoy the team Im on. But I dont want to do this forever.

I see, thanks for pointing that out and sorry that I got that wrong! I totally agree with you - there is indeed so much more to do out there than coding!

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