What are your goals as developer for 2k20+?

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I'm wondering if you developers out there have any plans or goals for the new year or even the new decade that you'd like to share?

And I take the opportunity to say a big THANK YOU to all who create awesome things, contribute to Open Source and help making the work and life of others easier! You are gold! 👏🏻🥇

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I am looking to get more involved in developer communities, blog/write about various topics, start a youtube channel, start my own development agency and make some cool new products :)

You asked us the question, but didn't tell us your goals! So, what are your goals?


It's like you copied my goals, I would also add that i want to make a lot of money this year as a developer. ☺


You asked us the question, but didn't tell us your goals!

Will do soon! Thanks for asking.


So, what are your goals?

  • Spend more quality time with my wife and my children
  • More Open Source contributions than last year
  • Release next major version of SongDrive
  • Write less code, better organize code
  • Get at least 2 new long-term customers
  • Get FreeCodeCamp's Front End Libraries Certification

I'm looking for a remote job, so I can take my kids to travel the world while homeschooling them.


That's awesome, Sang! Wishing you all the best to achieve this goal!


Thank you, I know it's hard but I will try my best.


That's one of my most ambitious goals of all time.
I'm trying to transform my branding/marketing agency to a subscription model this year in order to get closer to that lifestyle. Hopefully.


I'm torn between 5 languages, so my first goal is figure out which language I want to master and my second then becomes master language #{previous_answer}.

My current main skills are Python, JavaScript, Bash, Ruby (beginner), (S)CSS. I work primarily as a back-end developer (with DevOps on the side).

I'm torn between the following languages and their reasons:

  1. Ruby (+ Rails) - I like the way Rails works, but is it "too late" to start mastering this "old/aging" framework?
  2. Elixir (+ Phoenix) - I like the way BEAM and LiveView work, but it's a functional language. And is it kind of "niche"? Do I want/need to learn Erlang too (*shiver*)?
  3. Kotlin - I'd like to make an Android app (no idea what though). But is learning just Kotlin enough? Do I have to learn Java as well (*shiver*)? Also I'm not familiar with the whole Java ecosystem.
  4. Dart (+ Flutter) - Same reason as above. I've used Dart in the past, when it was trying to be a JS replacement. Is it too niche?
  5. Rust - Amazing language, though quite hard (low-level). But I have no use-case for it.

So yea. Wish me luck.


I can only speak for Elixir. If it's web services you are going for, Phoenix should be enough and you shouldn't have to learn Erlang as well. Nevertheless, using a Erlang module here and there is usually not very difficult :)

Elixir School is a reaaaally nice resource. Check it out!


I'm certainly going to check this out, thanks!


Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Unfortunately I'm not used to any of these five languages, so I can't give you a recommendation - but I'm sure you'll choose the right one!


I just want to become good with programming...I am a newbie and looking forward the day I'll be doing stuffs like you ...


That's such an awesome goal! Keep it up and don't compare yourself to me or other developers too much! Reach your own milestones in your own speed and you'll become more than good!


thanks Andreas can you suggest where and how i start? can you mentor me ?

  • Learn 5 new technical terms every week.
  • Answer at least one question every 2 weeks on a Question/Answer site like Stack Overflow or Slack group.
  • Do 1 coding challenge a week.
  • Exercise/Stretch for 5 minutes every day.
  • Write 1 blog post a month.

Very good points! I also answered questions on StackOverflow over a long time and it really was a win for both sides! You always learn something yourself when you're helping others solving their problems!


Learn Azure and get certification, learn Angular, switch my current job for better opportunities, start blog. I also want to spent sometime getting domain knowledge. Likewise, create a passive income source.


switch my current job for better opportunities

So encouraging to hear that you're not staying unsatisfied in your current job but being brave enough to switch! Wishing you the best for this change!


Yes.. current job is good. Working on latest stack. But now a days it is not challenging enough for me.


I am hoping to make several open source products such as my first one here: github.com/FultonBrowne/Ara-android

  1. Deploy my portfolio on AWS using serverless architecture to put my AWS Certifications to good use
  2. Master and implement Algorithms and Data Structures in JavaScript
  3. Finish 2 personal projects(finished a few last year)
    1. Capture Page State Chrome Extension
    2. Possible Setlist CLI
  4. Get very comfortable with CSS and SASS(my Achilles heel)
  5. Learn more about JavaScript and Python3

Wow, that is a set of solid goals! Wishing you all the best to reach them!


Not an easy thing but code efficiency will definitely pay off! Will set this as one of my goals too!


This year I'm focused on Architecture and Infrastructure.

I've dipped my toe in the Kubernetes pool this past year, but want to real dive deep into it this year. This would allow me to assist in my company's infrastructure and give me some unique strengths for my career.

I've also been primarily focused on back-end microservice development, but I want a broader knowledge of software architecture that includes front-end services and best practices for data security.

  1. Finish Kolabiq web app (github.com/mkubera/kolabiq) #indiehacking
  2. ⛩ Properly establish a Functional Programming Dojo to teach beginners FP concepts, Elm, and Elixir 🥰🎌
    • have one student atm
  3. Learn Haskell! 🤗
    • already started!
  4. Write & draw a short comic book 💭🎨
  5. Learn how to live with type 1 diabetes ⚖️

Awesome goals! 👏🏻 Especially #4! I love it if developers take time for totally different hobbies!
I wish you every success in achieving all of this!


👉🏽Learning Swift as a language and also IOS apps development.
👉🏽Contribute more to open source projects
👉🏽Giving talks and presentation outside my country.
👉🏽Give back to the tech community anyway i can


Thank you so much for your contributions and help for fellow devs!

  1. I will practice English. (since I'm not use English as main language everyday)

  2. Reading more articles in dev.to .

  3. Shaped my Algorithm ever better by playing code challenge at leetcode.

  • Spend more quality time with my wife and my children
  • More Open Source contributions than last year
  • Release next major version of SongDrive
  • Write less code, better organize code
  • Get at least 2 new long-term customers
  • Get FreeCodeCamp's Front End Libraries Certification

I have listed 4 books for reading in this year and will make handy in GO and Python.


Interested as well about the books you're planning to read.

  1. Clean Architecture by Robert C Martin
  2. Clean Code by Robert C Martin
  3. The Art of Computer Programming By Donald E Knuth
  4. Design patterns object-oriented software by Erich Gamma.

And you may suggest me your preference books.


👏🏻! What books exactly are you going to read?

  1. Clean Architecture by Robert C Martin
  2. Clean Code by Robert C Martin
  3. The Art of Computer Programming By Donald E Knuth
  4. Design patterns object-oriented software by Erich Gamma.

And you may suggest me your preference books.

I haven't read Clean Code completely but I read many bits and pieces of it, and I definitely still want to read what is missing. Its a great book and taught me many things about code patterns, reusability, how to think when writing to keep a clean, understandable and maintainable code, and many other things.

You surely picked a great goal for 2020 :)


Mine are a little bit hard to gain, but nothing's impossible

  • Get a work or study opportunity in a foreign country. I already finished my Engineering degree on computer science, and I have more than 3 years of experience as developer (Web, mobile apps, .Net etc). I want to continue my studies.
  • Redo my TOEFL to get a higher score. And get a french certification.
  • Read at least 60 books (I done 2 this week, so, I'm in a good way).
  • Do some projects in to a new(s) languages(s). I'm interested in flutter, vue JS and Swift/Kotlin. And I have some roots on it as well.
  • Get some certifications in web/app development.
  • Start in to a Data science development (I have some roots in python).
  • Launch my own website and some app projects. Al least 2 app projects for freelance.
  • Continue my studies in French, Japanese and advance maths.
  • Start my blog/page/youtube channel project.
  • Do more exercise and eat healtier.
  • Meet more people and get foreign friends. And hang out with the old ones.

Considering this, these were my past year challenges (and result):

  • Got a new better work (check).
  • Buy my first car (I wasn't consider this for 2019, but is pretty good).
  • Go to my first festival and listen my favorite band on-live (Arctic Monkeys). That was AMAZING!
  • Buy a new kindle (I had one as gift on the past, but I crashed 2 years ago after 4 years of use). I'm so happy with it.
  • Do the TOEFL (I'm not a confident girl, so the speaking test was pretty scary by the first time).
  • Read 40 books (overdone).
  • Do more exercise (Yes! I started to go to the gym and swimming).
  • Travel (I made a small trip in winter).
  • Get a schedule (for the very first time of my life).
  • Get my first glasses (I always need glasses, but my family doesn't has the money to buy those medical issues).
  • Do more crafts (I made the half of the inktober and more painting projects).
  • Teach my brother to drive (He's better than me on it :o)
  • Take care of a cat family (they're not mine, I have dogs). For this year I want to catch them all (lol) and send them to an adoptive(s) family(ies).

  • Launch an app (nope, I never launch it).
  • Start an animation project (I never done the first chapter, so).
  • Start a click and go game (I just made some sketches of it).

Retire as early as possible so I can just do OSS work and not have to be beholden to an office job.


Haha nice! But you're not going to retire in 2020 don't you? You look way too young 😅


No, Im about 8 years away based on my current numbers.

And I want to retire as young as possible, so I have more time to do the things I really love.

It sounds to me like you don't like your work so much. What's stopping you from finding a job where you do the things you really love?

I never said I don't like my work, just that as you get older things change. I have gone from wanting to a developer to being a photographer and being outside in nature. There is so much to see and do out there. I still enjoy coding, I enjoy the team Im on. But I dont want to do this forever.

I see, thanks for pointing that out and sorry that I got that wrong! I totally agree with you - there is indeed so much more to do out there than coding!


my goals are to get freecodecamp's certifications in responsive web design, javascript data structures and algorithms, Front end libraries, API's and microservices and Information security and quality assurance .... oh plus Django which i already started on


Planning to get more into React (I know the basics but I want to become more confident with the framework); look at Blockstack and dApps; contribute to open source; finally start blogging for real?


Of course (I did a write up here: thedevcoach.co.uk/2019-a-year-in-r...) but mainly it's to improve my writing. And I have a big stack of things to learn. What about you Andreas?


What about you Andreas?

I will tell my goals soon too! Thanks for asking.


Here they are:

  • Spend more quality time with my wife and my children
  • More Open Source contributions than last year
  • Release next major version of SongDrive
  • Write less code, better organize code
  • Get at least 2 new long-term customers
  • Get FreeCodeCamp's Front End Libraries Certification

My primary goal is to figure out how I can contribute to Open Source Projects to improve upon my tech stack. I find it really hard to find a good project where I can contribute significantly. I really need help from you guys for that.
And I have lot of secondary goals :(
PS:- I am full time Technology Analyst (Software Engineer @ Investment Bank)


I want to get into the Machine Learning field, it seems fascinating, but, I just realized I need to improve in statistics knowledge, because data transformation seems to be the most important thing to take care of, because the algorithms and tools are already created and available.


I'm hoping to get my first Unity project done and uploaded to itch.io, and to learn a new coding language.


Awesome! Let us know when you have something online we can play! 🤓


I'm looking towards Full Stack Web Development and Flutter App Development.


A side question, why change the zero in 2020 to a k? It doesn't make anything shorter and for electronic engineers (perhaps others also) 2k20 means 2200 so just looks jarring used as a date.


I just sometimes like to make something different to be remembered better 😅 (i.e. you can better identify this post from all other "2020" post titles).

For me the K just stands for 1,000 just like M for 1,000,000. Can you explain, how 2k20 is 2200?


Makes sense, I have noticed it being used more and more.
In electronics we use the abbreviations for the metric prefixes in place of the decimal point, so rather than 2200 or 2.2k it becomes 2k2. Of course the other two can be used but it aids readability on schematics. It means you cannot mistake 2.2 with 22 due to poor printing and/or fading ink or smaller fonts on a screen.

I see, thanks for the explanation! So here comes your very own post title:

What are your goals as developer for 2k02+?


  • Get that updated portfolio, that's going to be way way way over-engineered
  • Finish my brand's pattern library
  • Write More
  • Learn more about Web components
  • Stream my coding
  • next level as a dev in our company.
  • becoming fullstack (node/express and angular).
  • do some freelance projects (as a side hustle, with a goal to become full time).

Learn more python, Angular,
Machine learning, be better at Linux & practice at less code, clean code, TDD and SOLID


Learn vue and angular, play more games and watch more anime/read more manga.

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