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In my company there are 32 people working.

It’s a small agency which develops web applications for large companies in Germany.
We are mostly developers, there are four project managers, three designers and one SEO guy.

I really like working in a smaller company because it feels more like coding with your friends for a couple of hours than real work.

The communication is good because there is basically no hierarchy and our office is small enough to give every colleague a visit if you have a question.

If you need something or if you have a problem, you can easily talk to the boss and there is always a way to solve that problem.

Before, I worked in a large enterprise with approximately 30000 employees and it was basically no fun. I was an anonymous developer and for my bosses I was just someone who could be easily replaced. Even though the company made a fortune, they didn’t spent any money on good hardware or trainings for us developers. I once asked if I was allowed to attend a conference, my boss told me that I only want to go there to have some paid holidays. In my current company I was allowed to fly to DockerCon in San Francisco last year (remember I am from Germany) and everything was paid for.

So, if I need to change companies (for whatever reason) I would definitely choose a smaller one again!

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