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Pretty minor really but: we'd lost our Wiki months ago due to politics of some sort. I had to unpick how our back end code did hreflang tags for different markets. I was convinced it was getting the info from the CMS, as it was the external-facing CMS layer that was fetching the info, but apparently not - it was a flat file. One of those parts of the system nobody has looked at for years. So anyway now I can make the change I need.

And! Also: potentially a big win for the BE. We have literally like 4 different map pages in our system, that fetch all kinds of data like locations of retailers, places where you can get the product serviced, another that logs special promotion events, and another that shows users' success stories, showing where they used the product & telling their stories about what they achieved. So now we've been asked to do another that's about supplies for the product, using yet another 3rd party API. I sat down with one of our younger guys & said "Look, this one for supplies - it's going to overlap hugely with the retailer location data. Why don't we split this out into the various API clients we need - one to build a map, another to retrieve the retailer locations, another to do the supplies, another for the user stories & all that - and make it one map system to rule them all, and scrap the different ones?" I think it'll make it a LOT more straightforward & we can use pluggable APIs, just swap in the service Impls as needed. I'm kinda stoked about that. It doesn't do much visible to the customer or the user, but it'll streamline expansions/extensions and simplify support. Headache reduction for my colleagues. :-)

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