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Don’t Fear the CFP

Matt Stratton on December 22, 2017

This post is based upon a talk I gave at DevOpsDays Detroit 2015. Deciding to submit a talk for consideration at an event can be a troubling thing... [Read Full]
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Wow, great advice. I've had a talk brewing in my head for a while but dragging my feat on submitting anything -- this is a nice reminder :)


Thanks for sharing this. When speaking, sometimes I fear the the projects I've done won't be interesting to someone else because they've already been tried (and blogged about), or people already know a better way to do what I'm talking about. But usually I get one or two people that come up and say they learned something afterwards, and that makes it worthwhile :)


Thanks for sharing these tips, Matt!

They are perfect for a few talks I'm planning to do for beginners at my college when the next quarter starts.


Great read, as someone that's been wanting to submit my first CFP this is very encouraging!


Good luck! Let me know if I can help in any way!


Excelent post , I defenitely share this with my friends


Thanks, Matt. Really nice post. I will be speaking at my first conference in december. And I will give a talk and a one hour workshop as well. Your tips will be very helpful.
Thanks again.

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