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Discussion on: The kind of job application process that makes me angry

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Maurits de Ruiter

While I'm not so sure about the racist and sexist part, I think the Dev Test from Alliance is downright rude. I would never want to work for a company that treats potential employees like this.

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Michael Crenshaw Author • Edited

Yeah, I didn't justify that well. I thought of racism because someone who speaks English as a second language and wants clarification of the challenge's parameters might be discouraged by the brisk tone of the challenge page. I thought of sexism because the "most people don't pass" comment reminds me of the persona too often perpetuated of the presumably-male "elite hacker" which is invoked in tech industry gate-keeping.

These can seem like a stretch, and it's wise to be wary of too easily-hurled accusations of bigotry. But people in power (even HR reps who probably don't think of themselves as "powerful") should be careful of the disproportionate effects of their actions on certain groups, even if they're not intentional, blatant, or (and here's where a dangerous assumption could be made) significant.