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If I'm 100% honest, the big difference here is the amount of attention on it. It's during the holiday rush season, the Trump administration has an endless outpouring of distracting nonsense and scandals, Patai isn't a well-known enough figure stir up enough mainstream anger and discontent, and we don't even have John Oliver making a viral video riling people up and directing their anger towards public comments where they need to be.

People won't be looking at this issue when it comes up to a vote, and there's enough votes to likely get rid of it. So my cynical side seems to be winning out when I think about how this will go.


Yeah, that's the worry. It's getting very little mainstream attention. On the other hand, it's pretty easy to mentally bundle in with a lot of other policy choices currently designed to funnel power to the powerful. So on that note, it's probably easier to drum up general-purpose opposition I'd suppose.


What little mainstream attention I do see has been severe misunderstanding on what net neutrality is. I've seen people incorrectly arguing that net neutrality = making it a utility = enforcing a monopoly. I've seen people argue that repealing it allows for competition, when instead it'd allow ISPs to exercise power to destroy our greatest free market.

Worst case estimations is also causing opponents. Sure, its perfectly viable that ISPs will switch to a cable inspired tiering package. But they don't have to. They could go back to their old fastlane bs or go back to throttling competitors (hey netflix). We have people out there saying "it was fine before net neutrality you're all overreacting" because everyone else is hung up on the worst case scenario.

Quite an unfortunate scenario we're in.

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