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I definitely agree about branding being confusing, and hitting the constant work demands is very tough. I tried to go full blogger a while back but both couldn't meet the deadlines and it took too much fun out of my own writing. Since then I've gone to more of a "part-time writer of various loosely-connected web things," which isn't as nice but still brings me some writing joy. I don't think this should dissuade people from going down the blogging path, but know that blogging identities can exist on a spectrum too from casual to professional to "hard-core death match blogger for life." Accepting that has helped me find that healthier balance.


I LOVE writing way more than I thought I would.

Something I should make clear to others reading these comments is that you don't have to use blogging as a way to build a personal brand.

Also, a personal brand can also be WHO you are and not what you talk about. It can be your style.

This is why brand is confusing LOL. But I think you're very "on brand" with your tone in your posts, Max. Love your stuff :)

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