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Looking forward to this! Just curious, will this have any focus on the Gang of Four Design Patterns? I've read on them before and the specific problems they've solved, and seen them indirectly used in much of my job's code frameworks but still want to try learning about them more later on.


Oh cool! I could totally write about design patterns in here. That’s a great idea!


I agree for sure. Design patterns and other best-practices are often not fully appreciated by newcomers because most of the simple examples are not big or complex enough to show off why you might want to use something like object orientation, the state pattern, dependency injection, etc.


When exposing beginners to design patterns, it's important to tell them specific patterns are language-dependent. Many have more idiomatic solutions in some languages, or solve problems some languages don't have (or refuse to acknowledge as problems worth solving).

It's easy to hear about a pattern as "here is a good way to code" and try to use it everywhere. But a pattern has 2 parts: problem & solution, and one has to understand the problem first.

I think the specific patterns in the GoF book were Java-centric (?), although their deeper legacy was to show an organized way to talk about patterns.

As you asked, the GoF book was written before Java so no.

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