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Discussion on: [Off Topic] Can testers and developers be friends?

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Marko Bjelac

Hi, this is my first write-up on so it might as well be a rant.

(Before I start - this doesn't seem to me [Off Topic] at all.)

This is what my ideal IT world looks like:

The only testers are exploration testers. These people work closely with customers. They have the best collective understanding of the product matched only by it's expert users.

Their testing effort itself is a mixture of pair-working with customers on using the product and solo (or pairing with other testers) exploring the product's usage scenarios (user journeys). The result of this activity is composed of new feature ideas on one end of the spectrum and complete product pivoting at the other.

The rest of the tests are all automated and all written by developers, preferably in a test-driven development workflow. (Feel free to ask me about it. ;))

In this world, testers are an integral part of the Agile feedback loop, serving as a "lubricant" between developers delivering the product and customers using it. As such they are a great help in interpreting customer's needs and wishes. Any developer who has experience with getting feedback from a customer would definitely be friends with such testers!