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Manuel Blanco
Manuel Blanco

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#hacktoberfest progress 🐢

Hi folks!

I have been quite busy at work so I haven't finished the #hacktoberfest yet, but here is my progress so far:

Alt Text

Both PRs made to module 2 of my friend's project

Noob Coding

CC BY-SA 4.0 International

Community Built Web Development Courses

Module 3: Expanding on HTML and CSS

This module aims to provide Noob Coders with a good understanding of HTML and CSS. The module guides a developer through the steps of building a simple static website, exploring the use of different HTML tags and styling techniques.

When completing the module, Noob Coders are expected to be able to build a replica of the sample website provided in this repo.


  • Estimated duration: ?? hours.
  • Computer
  • VS Code or similar Text Editor

Course Contents

  • HTML
    • The anatomy of the HTML Element
    • The anatomy of the HTML Document
    • Semantic HTML
      • Why should we use it?
      • Accessibility from day one!
    • Consuming external resources through links
  • Building the skeleton of our webpage.
  • Cascade style sheets (CSS)
    • Why that name?
    • CSS Syntax
    • CSS basic selectors (with a note about specificity)
    • The Box Model
  • Styling our Webpage
    • Positioning…

With only 2 PRs left, I think I'll be finishing by tomorrow night.

How is your progress going?... or I'm the only turtle who hasn't finished? >n<

PS: Is there a list of how many people have finished the event? If so, please link me

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Himanshu Verkiya • Edited

I'm done with 3 PRs as of now. And it's really enjoying to submit PRs and create issues and stuff like that.
Hope you've been doing well too in open-sourcing

mblancodev profile image
Manuel Blanco

It's my first time doing Open-source and I'm really loving it! I need one last PR too but I'm waiting for the creators to give me permission

0ctavia profile image

I only did my first one, so you're definitely not the last turtle! I'm still waiting some stuff out and trying to figure out how it all works.