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Discussion on: 2019 in a summary - GraphQL perspective

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Mourad Bougarne

Thanks for this summary, It's a great a place to ask about GQL, I worked with it as a consumer a long time with Facebook Marketing API, but now I started creating GraphQL APIs which is in some parts a good replacement for REST, I've used ExpressJS but since I started learning Go(more than month ago), I want to replace ExpressJS with it, from now on I think all my REST and GraphQL will be done using GO. But let me ask you something:

  • Do you think Go is good choice for GQL?
  • What's the best packages for GQL in Go?

Thanks in advance.

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Tomek Poniatowicz Author

Go seems to be a good choice. We write most of our GQL backend stuff in GO and can't say anything bad about it.