re: 🧰 DevilBox: A containerized PHP dev environment (Part 1) VIEW POST


Why you waiting man?!! Go and write a deep post about it, It makes the PHP development much easier especially if you want to use different versions, as example I like these new features in 7.4: Arrow Function, Spread Operator and Typed Properties. I'll wait the new post about it from you. Thank you!!!


Sure I'll do, you can even try PHP 8 with it 😁


PHP8?!! What I heard it will be available in 2021?!

Its in active development, and the image is built nightly from it, github.com/devilbox/docker-php-fpm...
This is from the Repo,

This repository will provide you a fully functional PHP-FPM 8.0 Docker image built from official sources nightly. It provides the base for Devilbox PHP-FPM Docker images.

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