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Discussion on: Project management tips

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Matt Curcio

Hi Anja,
One of my fav's is a mix between Flow-charting and Gant-charting.
I draw up (either on paper or computer) simple text-boxes into steps for the overall chart. Then I work backwards and assign times to the major steps. If I need to break down the major steps into smaller ones, I will drill down, "lather, rinse, repeat."

This is not rocket science or news to many people, but I use Newsprint!

Inexpensive 'Newsprint' can be found in art supply stores.
I work on the large paper then tape them to the wall(s). I use the 1m x 60cm pads for 10-15 Euros.

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Anja Author

Hi Matt, thank you for sharing! 😊 🙌 will Google about the gant chart. Happy weekend ⭐️