Curriculum.co.ke ~ From KnockoutJS to VueJS

Kabue Charles on June 15, 2018

I started a personal project and named it Curriculum.co.ke ~ https://curriculum.co.ke/, because it's #Kenyan. After chasing some customers, they ... [Read Full]
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Images not working. The usability is still way off. I believe you can do better


thanks for checking out my app. it is still in heavy development and the site i get my images/icons ~ icons8.com was offline today... it's now up... please check and give me some recommendations...


Images working. But search not working somehow. What should the search terms be coz whatever input i give it i only get two results which are irrelevant. When you click on complete for MPESA what should happen? The UI needs more work.

i have not added a lot of results...its just two for testing... you can find how the search will finally work here in the first version ~ curriculum.co.ke/search/2011


Where should the link to resources head to?

it will go to a page such as this curriculum.co.ke/resources . i have not ported that page yet...

I feel like its not yet ready for review. When its done hit me up. I will review it.

thanks a lot...i appreciate the time you took to look...

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