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loading... ~ From KnockoutJS to VueJS

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I started a personal project and named it ~, because it's #Kenyan. After chasing some customers, they told me to go back and solve some usability problems, like adding a home page.
So far am redesigning the user interface and the user experience as well as adding new features. Am also recreating the app with VueJS from KnockoutJS

What do you thing my new interface ~ looks? is the app comprehensible?

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Images not working. The usability is still way off. I believe you can do better


thanks for checking out my app. it is still in heavy development and the site i get my images/icons ~ was offline today... it's now up... please check and give me some recommendations...


Images working. But search not working somehow. What should the search terms be coz whatever input i give it i only get two results which are irrelevant. When you click on complete for MPESA what should happen? The UI needs more work.

i have not added a lot of results...its just two for testing... you can find how the search will finally work here in the first version ~


it will go to a page such as this . i have not ported that page yet...

I feel like its not yet ready for review. When its done hit me up. I will review it.

thanks a lot...i appreciate the time you took to look...

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