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Discussion on: Do you have a process for naming things?

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Max Curran

The chapter in Clean Code on naming conventions usually resolves a lot of naming-esque questions on PRs (the lazy answer)!

Something I've seen come up a lot is naming projects after abstract concepts. Something like Kubernetes isn't super obvious at first, but when explained you think "huh that's clever". However for repositories at work it can get really annoying when everything is named after a Greek god or plants or something.

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Ben Lovy • Edited

I had to go look it up... it's a Greek word, κυβερνήτης, meaning “helmsman” or “pilot.

The More You Know.

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George Lampadaridis

As a Greek I can explain better. The word can mean a helmsman when used on a ship captain. The basic meaning of the word is governor though(or commander). It's derived from the verb κυβερνώ which means govern