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Discussion on: Stop Using React? But Why??

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A. S. Zaghloul

If this site provide a service, and me as a potential customer do not care much, I may close the tab before the page even loads. Imagine that there are a team of UX, UI and copy writers done great work to catch your attention to their service. All that may not get noticed, if the page itself took ages to load.

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Karl Marten J.

Well, there again as Athaariq mentioned, it depends on the size of connections. If you have a small web application, UX, UI and copywriting teams have done a excellent job, the loading performance really won't be that big of a factor and the content will be shown.
But if it's a bigger site, e.g. as mentioned with 1000+ concurrent connections on a single instance, then it will impact the performance.

So as I've come to a understanding, it depends on multiple factors.