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Resources For Learning To Code


Hey there πŸ‘‹ how are you pals? back again, today with some exciting resources to get started with.

So in the previous posts we talked about:

  • Advantages of being a self-taught developer 🀩.
  • Disadvantages of being a self-taught developer πŸ˜₯.
  • Solutions for the disadvantages 😎.

Here now in this post our main focus will be on answering the questions like Where do I get started? Where can I learn to code? etc. resources
Free and paid as well.

Lets get started with paid stuff first [Good things at the end 😝😜]

Paid Resources

Paid resources are paid and can't be used as free πŸ˜‚πŸ˜… lol

So lets get a little serious

There many great paid resources like:

1) Udemy
2) upGrad
3) Unacademy

I personally haven't used any of the paid resources except Udemy. I have explored upGrad a little and it seemed like it has degrees in different fields offered by many reputed institutes/universities.

Unpaid Resources

There are plenty of unpaid resources, some on them even gives you the certificate after completing the course.

1) Freecodecamp (my mentor/ personal favourite)
2) GeeksforGeeks
3) W3schools
4) MDN (Mozilla Developer Network)
5) YouTube (The University of everything)
6) Stack Overflow (Ocean of questions and Answers)

These are just a few names which I have used. I am really sorry if I did not mention the resource you are using (Yeah!! I know it hurts sometimes😣).

Out of these Freecodecamp will give you certificates on completion of the course and everything is free there. They also have a YouTube channel where they share many useful courses. They have a Forum as well where people post there issues and get the solution by other people there.

W3schools also has great interactive documentation of different courses, they offer exercises and quiz for every course. At the end there is a optional exam which you can attend by paying specified amount and you will also receive the certificate of the course.

YouTube is great for learning anything

Stack Overflow is Golden Goose for every developers, really amazing.

That's pretty much it. All of these places will help you reach your destination and yeah to be consistent, you only need to give a little dedication and discipline 😎.

Stay tuned for next post 😈 Yes next post you read it correct haha πŸ˜‚πŸ˜…. The writer inside me is awaken I guess πŸ˜…. You can share other resources in comment section to help our fellow learners.

Stay happy, Keep your surroundings clean,
Signing off Meet Bhalodiya,

Peace ✌

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For beginners, if you ever find yourself stuck with something and go to google to search, these are probably the results you will see. Nice post! Bookmark this!βœ…

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Hey Thanks for feedback πŸ˜€

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