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Discussion on: Is there a manual task in your life that you have automated which now saves you time?

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Meharban Singh • Edited

I am a marker in my University and I have to mark 100+ assignments and store the result of each student as a sheet in an Excel workbook. Then I had to copy the comments (from multiple coloumns), calculate the score and then paste it and email to each student individually

I wrote a small program which reads the excel file, extracts the appropriate data, and automatically calculates the marks(for each question and the total) and then email it to the student. Now, all I have to do is prepare the sheet and run the script. All it takes is about 1 second to complete (except for emails, which continue in the background). This task took me more than 3 hours to do before.

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Saloni Goyal Author

Awesome Meharban, perfect use of automation. From three hours to 1 second, that right there is 10800x times more efficient!
The professor did good selecting you for the task. 😃

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Meharban Singh

Hehe thanks Saloni :)