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How To Scale your Startup with Web Scraping


Web scraping is a phrase often heard throughout the tech industry. But what is web scraping? How would you apply it to scale your startup/business? We'll talk about the 3 steps of implementing web scraping to scale your startup/business.

Why is Data Important to Startups and Businesses?

Data gives you concrete numbers and allows companies to compare themselves to their competition and stay ahead! When utilized correctly, data reduces wasted money and time by improving processes and pinpointing where companies should focus their time and energy. It becomes especially important for marketing to consumers in order to gain insights into their preferences, behaviors and habits. As you collect more data, you would make the necessary changes to improve their conversions rates.

What is Web Scraping?

Web scraping also known as data scraping, data harvesting, or web crawlers is a way to extract data from websites in a usable and a structured format. Web scraping can be done in many different ways, such as manual data gathering, custom scripts, or web scraping tools such as ScraperAPI. It makes web scraping very simple by finding proxies, setting up headless browsers, and handling CAPTCHAs. ScraperAPI is great because you can get started with 1,000 free API calls and then switch over to their advanced plan. To get access to much more and 10% off, use the promo code SCRAPE217831 . Take a look at their documentation to start scraping! Web scraping tools are often the approach chosen by data scientists and companies due to them being fast, cost effective and highly accurate.

How Would You Use The Data From Web Scraping

1. Market Research & Analyze Data collected

You can use web scraping to compare market prices to keep your product competitive and win over customers from your competitors. Startups/businesses must keep an eye out for competitor promotions to see what they focus on when it comes to their target audience. This allows you to avoid repeating mistakes of unsuccessful startups and predict new trends in your market

2. Track online Reputation

Check what people think once they’ve tried your product. The collected data on reviews and recommendations for specific websites or social media will introduce you to what people think which is helpful because you can optimize your product to meet their needs. Gathering information on your industry, competitors, partners, and customers with thought-out business strategies and promotion campaigns is the best way to scale your startup/business.

3. Target your audience/market product

Using web scraping, you can research your target audience to analyze their preferences and behaviors to appeal to them and convince them to buy your product. You can also scrape data on advertising which allows you learn the mistakes and accomplishments of well-established businesses which allows you to focus on growth and not just stay afloat.

In conclusion, web scraping is very useful in staying ahead of your competition and with the emergence of web scraping tools such as ScraperAPI, it is easier and faster than ever before. Keep in mind that analyzing data, online reputation and marketing is a full proof way for startup/business growth.

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