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Discussion on: The dilemma of a silent quick learner

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Vesa Piittinen Author

Great if this helped to begin on opening up, it is always a challenge if one has had a hardship in their life! For the moment I don't consider myself depressed, but the effects play a part the rest of one's life, and I can only keep on working on things to change in the ways I think or behave. But that is personal growth you can keep on doing the entirety of your life. Everybody has something to improve on, always.

One tip I wish to say is that people who have never been depressed are blind to the issues and might cause trouble to you and not notice it at all. The only way around is to speak about them. It is hard and I've certainly failed it many times. And it can be challenging to find the right person to speak to in a company.

Have fun time learning all that there is to learn!

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Fajar Ansori

Thank you for your advice! being open to every problem is a good way to try.
Thanks for replying!