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mfcarneiro profile image Matheus Felipe ・1 min read

Hey guys!

Just wondering something here...

When we are doing an interview, not with a random HR person, and at the final, the interviewer start to do a small feedback about your resumé, the points that your experience fits on the company needs, the projects that are in Github, points during the interview, etc.

Summary, just telling that your get by this first step (or have high/medium chances) or some points are lacking and so on. Towards to the candidate to not have much expectations or just not wait for one job at time.

What are your thoughts? It is possible? Is too much invasive? In a real world scenario have a lot of candidates and is not fair or not have a substantial information to do at the moment of interview?

Thanks in advance!


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This is tricky, as different companies may have drastically different hiring practices.

However, based on your scenario, it should be safe to assume that your chances will be good to great if you've made it to the last interview.

As an employer myself, I will tell you that I love talking to candidates that are engaged in the process. Asking for feedback is a great way to tell the hiring manager that you want to grow and be better. This is a universally desired quality in a candidate.

I can't tell you that this would be effective 100% of the time, but I can estimate that this more people would like this than not.


Thanks for your reply!