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Honestly, I'm glad it's a letter and not a face-to-face interaction. I don't know if the younger me will survive to slaps in the face I would give to him/me '_'

Well, stop sugar and transformed food, you'll loose tons of weights (first slap), never wonder But what if I fail... ever 'cause every [Censored] time you did it, you failed you stupid [censored] ! Prepare a plan if it works and an other one if it fails. And work hard to avoid failure.
And stop thinking about failure (slap again) !

1L of coffee per day when you prepare your exams is a freaking bad idea too (slap again he/I deserve(s) this one). Green tea is far way better !

And stop thinking/hopping people'll wait for you. They want you to be a senior in every domain with 2 weeks of experience, that's a bit stupid but welcome in France. Observe people around you, and copy their method to work if it works. You'll grown up faster.

Understand ? (last slap because trust me, he/I deserve(s) it)

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