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I actually work for an insurance company, so they tend to take these things a little bit differently for us as employees. Overall though, as part of the digital arm of things and being slightly on the edge of things we do have some good benefits.

  • Money each year for exercise equipment, I didn't need it but it covered one of those backyard Ninja Gyms for my sons, so that was nice!
  • In office gym, its on a different floor and while most of the machines are okay (nothing stellar) if you want to run, use a Pelaton, cross trainer, or free weights its nice
  • A couple of days a year to give back
  • A very flexible WFH policy, we can definitely do things when the mood suits us and I do
  • Online training with Safari Online and Linux Academy
  • Financial, Legal, and Mental Health Counseling
  • Free Fresh Fruit delivered once a week
  • Everyone in the office has a standing desk

There are a couple of others, but these are some of the highpoints.

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